Located in the heart of London, Euston and its surroundings are about to face their biggest transformation in decades, a profound change affected by a traditional top-down process that does not take in account its inhabitants as a source of insights, knowledge, and community-building. The master plan projected in the area will be developed over the next 20 years, an interlude that can become an opportunity to explore different uses and test new citizen innovation proposals for the future.

T-Factor is a Horizon 2020 Innovation Action funded by the European Commission aimed at unlocking the transformative potential of temporary use in urban regeneration by gathering public officials, private developers, grassroot activist and academia from 25 organizations in 12 countries.

T-Factor’s Euston Pilot wants to take advantage of unused resources to promote new temporary uses for vacant lots and buildings that encourage an active participation of the  people and collectives that will see their lives transformed by the process. We want to rebalance power by helping Euston’s living forces to speak out through concrete citizen proposals that use the neighborhood’s blank spaces as proofs of concept for better, open and participatory futures. There are many ways to get involved. Find yours in our project’s activities list!

The Euston masterplan seeks to make connections between communities, deliver a new network of public open spaces dedicated to culture and creativity, and develop opportunities for education and employment, all within a comprehensive mixed-use development.This is a project of national and global significance that will drive financial value and transformative social, economic and placemaking outcomes for Camden, London and the whole of the UK.

pilot's stages

June → September, 2021

Exploring & Inquiring

  • Kick off Workshop in June, 2021.

September → December, 2021

Scoping & Ideating

January, 2022 → November, 2023

Prototyping & Iterating

  • Activity plans V1 in January, 2022
  • Transformation Camp in February, 2022
  • Activity plans V2 in April, 2022

December, 2023 → May, 2024

T-Factor’s Roadshow


euston local coalition

University of the Arts London is Europe’s largest specialist arts and Design University, bringing together six equally renowned arts, design, fashion and communication Colleges: Camberwell College of Arts; Central Saint Martins; Chelsea College of Arts; London College of Communication; London College of Fashion; and Wimbledon College of Arts. UAL has more than 3,000 academic, research and technical staff and about 19,000 students from more than 130 countries.

Stretching from Covent Garden to Hampstead and Highgate, Candem contains some of the poorest and some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in London. The London Borough of Camden wants to reduce inequality while preserving the social mix, by building resilience in individuals, communities, businesses and the Council itself. This public authority provides a wide range of services for businesses and residents and bring partners together to deliver new solutions that will benefit everyone.

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